Welcome to TERTC

The Texas Eye Research and Technology Center performs research studies in the areas of daily and overnight contact lens wear and associated care solutions; dry eyes and tear physiology; orthokeratology and corneal reshaping; corneal and conjunctival physiology and histopathology; refractive surgery environmental effects (such as UV exposure) on ocular tissues and ocular therapeutic agents.

TERTC was founded in the fall of 1996 by Doctors Jan Bergmanson and Norman Leach with the support of former Dean Dr. Jerald Stricland.

TERTC is a growing research center comprised of top academic and clinical professionals performing both academic and contract research. Additional associate faculty members from various affiliations have allowed TERTC to form networks with prestigious institutions from around the world.

TERTC is located at the University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) and is involved in the vision science graduate program which offers Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Currently several graduate students are associated with TERTC

In the summer of 2000, TERTC began sponsoring the eduction and special training of post doctoral fellowships in cornea and contact lenses. This is a unique undertaking in optometry where fellows are trained in clinical research, advanced lens care and cutting edge anterior segment therapeutic care.


Enhance the University of Houston College of Optometry’s contribution and presence in clinical and basic research throughout the United States and abroad.

Collaborate with industry in research and development of new eye care products.

Provide professional research opportunities and a creative environment for faculty, professional and graduate students, residents and fellows.

Develop new ophthalmic procedures and technologies.


Clinical Ocular Anatomy and Physiology Book

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